PAINTED DREAMS is based in the fictional town of Fairview in upstate NY and has been on the air for 32 years.  It has been the proud recipient of many awards, including 97 daytime Emmys and various other soap honors. It is filled with the juiciest kind of soap drama, including split personalities, children coming into the adult lives of established characters claiming to be the product of rape and of course, money, power and sex.

Its main characters are Catherine (Veronica), Jason (Gregory), Tiffany (Peyton), Ashley (Liza), Ryan (Jordan), Brittany (Kassandra) and Max (Erik). [meet the Tainted Dreams characters]

Jason and Catherine are married. Jason owns and is the CEO of Vanderbilt enterprises, a multi-million dollar real estate development company. Catherine is a major stockholder since they founded the company together and she works with her husband. Their daughter, Tiffany is spoiled and enjoys the party life. Ashley Black, the town attorney, is Catherine’s daughter, to whom she gave birth as a teenager as a result of being raped.  There is no love lost between Ashley and Tiffany.

Ryan is the town detective and very protective of his sister, Brittany. Brittany is a chef and owns a Fairview restaurant. She is also the town charity fundraiser and is to trying to hold onto Erik, the town womanizer. She finds out she is pregnant, but the thought of losing Erik makes her take unspeakable chances…

To be continued…please stay tuned…

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